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Professional Dowsing Servicefor Business

Dowsing Service for workplace properties

  • 10 hr
  • Depends on size
  • Service provided remotely

Service Description

Uplift the energy of your business premises with Dowsing for Business: Dowsing helps by cleansing and removing the old 'hidden' energies and dealing with any unseen issues to allow your business to thrive and be the best it can be. Factors such as Geopathic stress (underground pipes, caverns, rivers, tunnels) Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF - devices, wifi etc), Hartmann Lines, Curry lines, Energetic Vortices, portals and other negative energy aspects that can impact us over time and prohibit us from being in our best at work. By clearing the negative, unseen energy problems, this allows your business to thrive be the best that it can. Requirements: APPROVAL - approval is needed from the Business Owner or person renting the space. FLOORPLAN - A floor plan of your property will be required for this service (If you would help creating a floorplan, see my services) DIRECTION - Compass directions on your floor plan showing me which way is north is also important. This is offered as a remote service as I work from a protected space. The process starts with an initial consultation call, which is held via zoom where we can discuss the property, the local area as well as any issues you may be experiencing. The dowsing will be scheduled upon payment. I then complete the work and advise you when the dowsing is done and follow it with a written report of all my findings. The costs for the dowsing of your business will be dependent on the size of your property. This can range from rented office space within a complex, small building or to large commercial premises and land. Larger properties and those that have multiple outbuildings will take longer to dowse and are priced accordingly. To arrange an initial discussion on dowsing of your business, arrange a call with me:

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