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Welcome to My Energy Center,


Greetings with love. I am delighted to present ways you can elevate various aspects of energy in your life. Explore the various energy-related to support you, your animal companions, your online presence and the land you reside and work.  Follow my exciting community projects I am working on, energetic help for Therapists, Coaches and other Lightworkers, courses, tools and services and more.

Helping those who are battling depression is a cause thats close to my heart. It's one of the reasons why I specialise in remote energy services and offer evening healing session at 8pm (UK time) allowing you to receive healing in the comfort of your own home when you need it. 




Hi, I'm Sue

I am an Intuitive Energy Healer, Land Energy Surveyor, Professional Dowser of properties, Ley Line Specialist and Author.  

I have been following my path for many years, however, it's only since 2017 have I been actively following my spiritual path with awareness guided by my Higher Self with the Ascended Masters and incorporating ancient techniques, sacred geometry in my powerful energy work.  

Working on the energy of the land has taught me just how much it influences our daily lives.  By bringing together the balanced energy of the land and your personal energy it creates a harmonised personal space that allows us to be our best and focus on the work we are meant to do.

Sue Mckinlay, Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki, Dowser and Ley lines specialist


Many more are discovering the benefits of practices such as Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healings, Feng Shui but were you aware that the benefits are more amplified and last significantly longer when in protected, high energy locations. As Therapists, Healers, Coaches and instructors you can make your home and work spaces a high energy and protected sanctuary too with professional dowsing services. 


"Helping create a protected and grounded space, where other healing and meditative practices are able to work best"

- Eleyiah

Energy Support for Therapists, Coaches & Light-workers
Energy Healing Session

Experience one-to-one powerful healing session for Therapists, Coaches, Healers and Light-workers to help lift unwanted energies that linger.  In this session, the Ascended Masters step forward bringing a powerful individual healing session to clear and lift blockages and lingering energies aiding your own personal energetic clearing routine.

8pm Evening sessions available.

All sessions are held remotely from a sacred, protected, high energy place.

Intuitive Healing Session
Create a protected, high energy space for your home and work

Do you  feel the imbalance of the energies from the many people you interact with during the day? 

Having your home or workplace dowsed creates an energetically protected high energy space that is balanced and right for you to work in.

Do you repeatedly cleanse your home every day manually with incense, feel lingering energies after client sessions or are interested in having a protected sacred space thats tailored for you?  Professional Dowsing Services allow light-workers to work from a protected space, allowing you to do the work you are meant to do. 

Website Energy
Put your light energy into your own website with Wix

Guiding and empowering Therapists, Coaches, Healers and lightworkers in this online course 

coming in 2024 'Create your own website using Wix'

"I believe maintaining control over your own website is important, it's your site and I believe in empowering people to do this for themselves." 

Devices & Online Presence
Protection for Devices and Online Presence

Energetic protection and cleansing service for you devices and online presence. Useful for those who are subject to regular resistance and interference.

In the Community

Do you have group sessions in the community and feel a lift & protection is needed?  There's a temporary lift & protection of a space whilst you are there, creating a protected, grounded and balanced protected place wherever you need it.

"My apartment has turned into a true sanctuary! Everytime I come home, I’m actually coming home and not to a place I’m renting. The energy is calibrated for my utmost well-being and when I need to make adjustments, working with the octahedron is quick and easy. I’m now so much calmer, more comfortable, at ease, and tranquil when at home. It also feels very safe and is now a place that recharges me instead of draining. I was also provided with a very detailed report of what had been affecting my apt and why as well as tips, which was both super interesting and helpful!”

K -  Mexico City

Sphere of nightly Earth planet in outer space. City lights on planet. Life of people. Sola
Ley Lines of the World

Follow my progress as I show you the various worldwide Ley Lines networks, some of the sacred sites that are on their connection points and more.....

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