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My Energy Projects

Welcome to my project page where I share with you the interesting projects that I am currently working on.

All of my projects are energy related and likely to be working on for many years to come.

Feel free to follow my periodic updates on these projects on my social media.

Ley Line Networks of the World

I have been receiving repeated nudges and signs over the past couple of years to start work on dowsing the Ley Lines and am excited to say the project is well underway.  These long since dormant lines will be mapped giving everyone the opportunity to know more about them, where they started and their connection points in-between and more.  A large project that will span many years and involve many miles.

In starting the project, I am currently mapping the Ley Line Networks of the British Isles. Including, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles, Channel Islands and the various Scottish Islands.

I am also part way through some of the international lines and am so amazed by the special places I am being shown. 

You can follow my progress on Social media:

  • My energy Center Facebook Page
  • Instagram
  • My energy Center Facebook Page
  • Instagram
St Pauls Cathedral Dome Ley Line Connection Point My Energy Center
Put your light energy into creating your own website with wix

Put your light energy into creating your own website with Wix

Later this year I will be creating a course, specifically aimed to help light-workers in being more empowered and creating and putting their own light energy into a website with Wix.

I feel it's important that people are able to create and control their own website.  It's your website after all! 

For those who can resonate with this and would like to be able to do it themselves, this course is for you. 

Register your interest here:

Urban Influences

Our urban home and work life is impacted by so many gadgets, electricity, mobile phones, tv, microwaves, wifi, geological and other factors that cause us to feel out of balance the longer we are in a space.  It can in some instances affect our health and is where dowsing services can help to correct.

EMF Protection with My Energy Center
EMF Protection

My EMF project designed to safeguard the community from the adverse impacts of Electro-Magnetic Frequencies emitted by Mobile Phone masts, TV Broadcasting towers, beacons, and other influences that can affect the local areas.  If there are areas local to you where you can feel the EMF, you can drop me a message here:

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