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Professional Dowsing Service for Home

Professional Dowsing service for a more balanced, harmonious and protected space.

  • 12 hr
  • Depends on size
  • Service provided remotely

Service Description

By having your home professionally dowsed, you are creating a more harmonious, balanced and energetically protected space to live in. When we are in a relaxed state we are in an alpha brainwave. This is similar to the normal Schumann resonance of the earth (7.83hz). That means when we are in our natural relaxed state we should be able to feel in balance with the earths natural energy around us. However, there are a number of factors in and around our urban homes that influence how we feel: Geopathic Stress, Hartmann & Curry Lines, Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF), energy Vortices or energetic Portals. All of these together are the hidden influences to our daily lives and helps us understand why so many people can't wait to head off into nature whenever they can. It's because they feel more of a relaxed pace and at one with the earth in a space thats not influenced by our urban properties. - Living in a high rise building amplifies the energy. For each floor above ground the energy is multiplied. So an area of negative energy can be vastly amplified the taller it is. - Living by the coast or a lot of water, may have a draining feel. - Living in or near an area of historic grounds, or sacred spaces - Geopathic stress (underground tunnels, caverns, mines, or rivers) - Electro-magnetic Frequencies and their negative impacts (Power lines, Power stations, wifi, electric vehicles, solar panels, applian - Ley lines & Connection points. Those living in the place of a Ley Line connection or on the path of a ley line, the active energy flows can tire us out or constantly battling issues. - Lightworkers who need an energetically and sacred protected space to work in (such as Therapists, Healers and Coaches). Having your home or workplace professionally dowsed helps lift the overall energy, clearing away unseen negative energy influences in the space around you and provides a layer of protection that is a blessing from the Ascended Masters. Requirements: FLOORPLAN - A floor plan of your property is needed for this service. I can help you define one if you don't have one already. DIRECTION - Compass direction of front door. The Dowsing Service is a remotely offered service. I work from a sacred protected space. The process starts with a zoom call so I can understand the issues you are experiencing. A detailed report is provided for each dowsed property. To get booked in please book in with me here:

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