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About My Energy Center

Hello my name is Sue Mckinlay, and I am an Energy Therapist.   I have set up My Energy Center to provide energy healing services remotely, removing the need to travel to a location for healing or having visitors at your home.  This makes it more convenient which can be particularly helpful, especially for those who are battling their own dark clouds, or are at a distance. 

I feel particularly guided in my healing work, working with the ascended masters to bring your healing sessions to you. I am certified in Reiki Healing I & II, hold a diploma in Crystal healing and certified as a professional dowser in 'Ascension Dowsing'.

More about me....

 I started actively following my spiritual path in 2016, where I learnt about working with my higher Self and the Ascended Masters and have been expanding my knowledge and capacity to help others ever since. I am passionate about my energy work, and really enjoy being of service.  The world's knowledge in energy healing has increased massively in recent years, and it's wonderful to see so many people nurturing their personal energy with daily practices.  As the earth continues to ascend, so we will all continue to expand our knowledge of the energy around us over the coming years.  


The earth's natural electromagnetic field should resonate at the same level as out Alpha brain waves of 7.83hz for a harmonic balance in everyday life.  Things such as Geopathic Stress lines (underground water, tunnels etc), Hartmann Lines, Curry Lines, EMF, Vortex amongst others can over time, have a major impact on the way we live as well as our health. Some houses are even known to have repeated health issue for the  residents of the house and can earn the name of having a Sick House Syndrome. By lifting the energy using Ascension Dowsing, you then bring the energy into balance, removing the negative and amplifying the positive so we can be in our natural state..  

I have a real passion for my energy work.  I enjoy providing remote Reiki healing sessions, and helping others. I am working on expanding my energy services to help those battling depression. It can be a dark lonely space of spirals and I am keen to let others know that there are things that can help. It's something that I found was so pivotal in my own recovery process that I am very passionate in speaking the word and letting others know that they are not alone, there is something  that can help. 

Providing sessions for those in other countries, (such as USA, Canada, UK and Central Europe) is as strong as those I have done in person.   As a result distance is not an issue and I can thereby help more people without the need to travel.  Energy Healing has been the biggest impact in my own recovery. helping me lift my own dark clouds of depression as well as changing the energy in my home,  allowing me to recover and get back on my feet and where I am now..   

Reiki Energy Healing, works with the energy surrounding and within us. Our own energy centres (the Chakras) and our aura.  In addition to this, we can also work with the energy in our home or workplace, known as the earthly energies in our life.  This is where we spend most of our time and its why some spaces we achieve better results also impacts us greatly if the energy is not balanced.  Earthly energy space work can be done through Feng Shui and Dowsing.  

By working on our personal energy and our earthly energy together we can be optimise the space within and around us to help us be the best we can be.  The two areas together really can help our immediate environment and something that made such a massive difference in my own situation. 

My mission is to provide help for those who are battling the dark clouds of depression with energy healing.  This is why 'My Energy Center' has been created.  I have been particularly guided in helping people with this and look forward to what's to come.

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