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Animal, Stables and agricultural land dowsing service

Horse & Stable Lift Package

It's often our animals that try to tell us that the energy in a space is in need of clearing. They avoid going in certain areas, often refusing completely to go somewhere they are scared of. Perhaps it's your horse that you seeing react to certain spaces; do they avoid or even flatly refuse to go in parts of their stable, or the whole stable block, the barn, indoor arena, even the courtyard area?  They may be trying to tell you that the energy in that space needs clearing.

Cats though, are known to sleep on negative spaces as they try to absorb some of the negativity and go elsewhere to shake off and clean that negativity off.  But our dogs and horses don't usually sleep where there are negative energy influences.  

So this package for them. 

This package comprises of two of my services that I have brought together at a discount.  The first, is the Dowsing of the property (which could be your barn paddock, stable area).   This helps lift the 'hidden' energy influences of the stable, barn or building they occupy and it's complemented with a one-to-one remote Reiki Energy Healing session for your animal. 

The package is priced for one property and one animal (eg. stable and small paddock). A floorplan of the area is required. ​If you don't have a floorpan, don't worry, I can help with the creation of a floor plan of the area you need dowsing. Just select the package with the floorplan or you can buy it separately from my Services page.

For larger properties with multiple buildings, stables and numerous animals, I can offer a bespoke package for you that would be more cost effective than doing each animal individually, so if you and your friends wish to club together to make it cheaper, I can lift the whole area.  I am open to having a discussion with you via zoom to discuss your needs: 

When you book this package, it shows in the members area of your account and the services you will need to book individually.  You are then able to schedule your services through my services page, which will be dependant on my calendar availability.

1. If you have ordered the ploorplan as part of your package, you will need to book this

into the calendar first as preparation.
2. The dowsing service is done before the healing as it's important to lift the energy of the space first.

The floor-plan and necessary permission is required. 

3.  I recommend you schedule the Healing session about 2 days after the dowsing.

All services within your package are available to book within My Services after the package is purchased.
Floorplan creation requires a zoom meeting with you to obtain the details, however the dowsing and healing sessions dont need a zoom as these services, like all of my services, are provided as a remote service, avoiding the extra time needed and costs involved to travel to locations when it's not required.  

Permission is needed from the person looking after the animal (owner/leasing person) to be able to dowse and undertake energy healing.  In addition, I will need a floorpan with approximate measurements of the grounds needing dowsing as well as the compass direction.  


Once your booking is made, the dowsing will be completed over the day of booking and into the following working day.  I shall notify you once the dowsing is complete, and follow up with a detailed report of my findings and work undertaken. Please note, for larger bespoke properties, the duration of the dowsing will be longer and defined during quotation, and time needed for each animals individual healing sessions.  

I look to follow up each session after approximately 2 weeks to see how things are since the sessions and I welcome your feedback and that of how your animals are doing in the space.  

The Animal & Stable Package

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