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Energy Healing Session

Experience this powerful remote Energy Healing Session

  • 1 h
  • 44 British pounds
  • Online Appointment

Service Description

Receive the benefits of this powerful Intuitive Energy Healing Session remotely with this energy session. Sue works with her Higher Self and the Ascended Masters to bring this healing to you. Areas that can be worked on include: - Lifting & Clearing Lingering energy - Vows & Cord Cutting Service - Energy Healing with Ascended Master Eleyiah - Reiki & Crystal Healing As there's no need for a personal visit, distance isn't a problem and you have more flexibility without being concerned with being in a specific location or receiving a visitor. I offer evening sessions (UK Time) for those who wish to go to sleep after. Select a time that suits you and make yourself a comfortable space with a blanket, comfortable music and soft lighting.   Benefits of Energy Healing are that it can help: - clearing and lifting energetic blockages - alleviate stress and anxiety, depression - enable relaxation - aiding sleep - speeding up healing - easing pain - feeling more grounded and centered - a general feeling of better well being  
 The session will last between 45 and 60 minutes and includes some helpful bonuses, including affirmations an oracle card guidance. The process: After booking, you will receive an email updating you on creating a relaxed space for your session. I message you to let you know that I am starting my preparations and when the session is about to begin, this can be done via the app, messenger or text depending on your location. The healing goes where it is needed during this session. Some clients' may experience: - A sense of energy perhaps by feeling heat or cold in certain areas, or light tingling - Seeing colours or images - Involuntary muscle movement - Falling Asleep - Rumbling stomach - Feeling something has been lifted and released - Emotional Release - Memory flashes I only ask that you are open to the healing that is coming your way and select a time thats best for you to be free of disturbances. A time when you won't be disturbed, where you can meditate, sit or lie down and relax in a comfortable environment and be receptive for this remote healing session. With blessings,

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