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Depression recovery Aid 'Dawn Lift'

Dawn Lift

A unique recovery aid for those battling their own dark clouds of depression. Helping lift the energy of your personal space and the space you spend most time in.

Sue Mckinlay Healer at My Energy Center

Hi, I'm Sue Mckinlay

My name is Sue, I am an Energy Healer who specialises in helping those battling their own dark clouds of depression.

I have been on my spiritual path for a long time but it's only been since 2017 where I have actively been following my path making changes to be my most authentic self.   

I specialise in lifting the energy on the spaces around us with the 'Ascension Dowsing' technique as well as healing our personal energy space with Reiki to provide this unique service called the 'Dawn Lift'.  

'Dawn Lift'
Depression Recovery Aid Package 

It's long been known that energetic healing can provide help to those with Depression.  Reiki healing goes where it's needed and for each person, the help can be in many different ways.  

The experiences we have, situations we find ourselves in and the decisions we have made contributing to where we are in life.  Many research things when they feel at their lowest, looking for help and can often find their vitamin deficiencies are adding extra fatiguing affects to what they are already going through, making it worse.  Look up severe vitamin B or D symptoms to see what I mean. 
 And some that slowly back away from society and begin to isolate themselves from others, miss out on essential human interactions and the benefits that simple things around you such as being in nature can bring.  When we restrict those, we gradually begin to feel worse. 

A simple thing like walking in your favourite park, or nearby beach can be grounding to your energy centre and help your overall wellbeing.  It's why there are so many places that say to get out in nature.  The earth's natural energy (when not affected by other factors like geopathic stress) is 8hz which is the same as our brains resting energy state.  It's why we feel so good out in nature, we can get away from the stress that urban life has, from electronic devices, wifi, mobile and tv networks, devices around the home, geopathic stress factors to the hustle and bustle of everyone's energy around us.

When battling depression, there are may things impacting you, your situation is unique to you and one size doesn't fit all.  There are aspects of your recovery that counselling does really well relating to our emotions and the things that have happened in our lives. It's important to receive and embrace that counselling for us to be able to work on ourselves and our issues.


And it's also important to know that the physical space around you can also be part of the problem.  It's something just as important as the counselling. The spaces in which we spend most time, our home and our business may need the energy lift. Unseen energetic influences are around us in our day to day lives, in from the history of the land to geopathic areas of stress that affect our homes and businesses and are amplified for each level of a high rise building. If only the land could speak. 

I am a certified professional in Ascension Dowsing technique and Reiki Energy Healing. and bring together the energy healing of the space around us as well as energy healing our personal energy system. All of my services are remotely held, initial meetings for dowsing are held via zoom, so distance doesn't become an issue and the spaces can he lifted and cleared, guided by source.  


I have been guided to here and now, helping the land heal and bringing everything together into the 'Dawn Lift'. A package that uses ancient benevolent techniques to lift both the energy around you and within you.    

So, if this resonates with you and you feel drawn to receiving my help to help aid your own recovery, know that everything is done remotely, there's no need to worry about visitors arriving, and everything that brings.  I offer late evening sessions for the personal healing to allow those who want to go straight to sleep after to do just so. A service that for those battling depression and shy away from visitors, venturing out for a healing session just isn't something they wish to do.  So this specially designed service is brought to you by someone who knows and understands.  If this resonates with you and you feel the spaces around your could use an energy lift, then this recovery tool is for 

Services in the Dawn Lift Package

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

You can see your purchase reflected in your members log in pages.  

Each of the services are then available for you to then book manually into the calendar through my services.  

1. The Dowsing of your property should be booked in first and will need a clear and proportionate floorplan.  (If you don't have a floorplan, don't worry I can help you as I can help draft one that can be used for the Dowsing service.  There is a package with the floor plan option, or you can purchase this service separately in my 'Services').

2. I recommend that your remote Energy Healing session be booked at least 2 days after the dowsing.

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